The Gold Bricks Story

Source: Brickworks Building Products

When Coke announces a new type of soda, or when Sony launches the newest version of the Playstation, they don't just ship their products to stores. They're usually tied to a product launch event or party. It's a way to formally announce the product to a key group of people.

On a rainy spring night on 3 September 2015, Brickworks Building Products in conjunction with Vogue Living hosted the coolest bar on Pitt Street Mall as part of The Vogue Fashion Night Out.

The pop up bar was designed to launch the hottest new product being produced by Austral Bricks - The Gold Brick. To help introduce Brickworks - Australias biggest building products company - into the high end fashion event, the Fashion Haus was imagined.

In my position as events manager it was my role to ensure every detail was thought of, to enhance the sophisticated gold and black pop up bar… the models were dressed with gold, the lanyards were shimmery versions of the invitations, gold bollards, gold champagne buckets were filled with Verve Cliquot and even gold painted bricklayers tools were used as feature pieces on the bar. DJ Sarsha Simone was also happy to support the theme and was dressed to impress.

The bar itself was made of with the gold bricks to showcase the new product, whilst the back of the bar was made into the shape of a house. To further enhance the ‘fashion haus’ theme, house shaped arches were created and lined with gold brick printed perspex.

Even with the rain coming down the bar was filled to the brim as Neale Whitaker and Brett Ward took to the stage and announced the gold bricks to the hand selected guest list.

The event was a huge success and was the beginning of a strong relationship with Vogue Living and Brickworks, along with the concept designer - Al Weekes and event stylist Emma Elizabeth Designs.

To round out the launch of the gold bricks, Brickworks also hosted a series of launch events direct to their clients in their national network of Design Studios.

I can't comment on the current sales of the gold brick..however I can guarantee these bricks and the VFNO Gold Brick Bar was a turning point for Brickworks, establishing them as a leader in style and innovation and some even consider them now as a fashion brand.

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